Our contact information

Address1-st floor, 52/4A, Leninástr., Yekaterinburg, Russia
Booking phones+7 912-03-03-500

How you can find us?
The map with hotel address and contacts: download or print

How to Reach Us:

How reach us from metro:

By metro you shall go till ôPloshchad 1905ö (Square of 1905) station, and then:
  1. leave the metro
  2. walk to Square of 1905 (central square of the city, about 1-2 minutes of walk)
  3. take a tram with number A, 13, 15, 18 (toward to Lunacharskiy str.)
  4. or you can take minibus with number 014, 040 (toward to Lunacharskiy str.)
  5. you must reach trasin/bus stop called "Bajova" and leave transport
  6. walk a little bit forward along Lenin str. to crossing Lenin str. and Bajov str.
  7. turn to right to Bajov str. and walk along Bajov str. (toward Malyshev str., about 1-2 minutes of walk)
  8. to the right you can see a building with clothes shop, then - clinic, and after - building with our hotel
  9. you will see entrance of hotel on the first floor