About Yekaterinburg


Yekaterinburg is the capital of Ural. It is located in 1660 km east from Moscow 270 meters above sea level.

City was built along the Iset River, on the east an flank of Ural mountains. The city is on the border of Europe and Asia.

A Pile, constructed on this border is one of sights of Yekaterinburg.

Climate is moderately continental with harsh weather changes and strongly expressed seasons of the year.

In January the average temperature is about -12,6░C, in June it's +19░C.

Time shift relative GMT is +6 hours, and +2 hours relative Moscow time.

Yekaterinburg is the fourth city in terms of the numbers of citizens in Russia.

It is a large industrial and cultural center. The city has the third position in the country (after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) with regard to embassies.

It is a very developed transport and logistics hub. The international airport, the Trans-Siberian Railway that intersects the city, and 6 federal highways - all of them make Yekaterinburg one of the biggest finance and business centers of Russia.

The city also has a film production company "Sverdlovskaya", a lot of libraries, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants.

The central square of Yekaterinburg is a Square of 1905 year. It's paved with cube stones and is located opposite the Town hall with big clock, which strikes every hour.

The oldest construction of the city is the dam on the Iset River. From this place the city began construction.

Yekaterinburg havs an old and interesting history. It was established in 1723 by Tatishev and de Gennin, who established the plant, around which the city appeared.

About 30 museums, which include of the most amazing and famous Museum of Fine Arts, Philharmonic Conservatory and Opera house, Circus, about 600 cultural and historical monuments - all of them you can find in Yekaterinburg.

The city also has some of uncommon monuments - monument of the plumber "Afonia", monument of a computer keyboard (which consists of 86 keys which weight 50 - 80 kg each), monument of Invisible man and a well known monument in honor of fallen in Afghanistan - "Black tulip".

The famous orthodox temple - Church-on-the-blood, was built where was the last Russian emperor Nikolay Vtoroy was killed.

City has a few institutes and universities, some of which are famous in Russia and abroad - the Ural State Polytechnic Institute and the Ural State University which are now united in the Ural State Federal University.

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